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Living in the Big City

Disadvantages of living in the big city

Disadvantages of living in the big city

big city
big city

Hi Im Emre Yıldırım.I'll tell you the loss of life in the big city.

Disadvantages ;

1. Traffic problems in the city because of transportation difficulty. 
2. The city is great. 3. The city is loud. 
4. For the big city human relations are weak.
5. There are big pollution problems for the city. 
6. There is a big difference between rich and poor in the big city. 
7. A city person is very tired. 
8.A natural environment is almost negligible in the big city.
9. In the big city, the crime rate is very high. 
10. No one in the big city can't trust anyone easily.


1.Society vanishingly pressure is less.
2.Social activities there are people according to taste. 
3.Has every opportunity to have fun. 
4.Day and night, life continues and stops. 
5.There are living in luxury. 
6.Every possibility that will make our lives easier. 
7.When we got sick health services . 
8.There are employment opportunities.Work is easy to find. 
9. Of training opportunities.
10.Infrastructure services.

Emre Yıldırım Kişisel Blog Monday, September 12, 2016
İpkaiye Viilages And Memories
İpkaiye Village in  Turkey
ÇANAKKALE is a small village called İpkaiye found in Biga ,which is a district in Turkey. In the past, its name has usually changed to "The Looking village" put have its atmosphere and its water changed ever? So like me, I donot change in any place. That villages 'trees that reach the sky, will they sling a bit? Eventhough I have constructed many things, but I swang. Every place is so greenish, in the middle of the whole village, there is a hissing streaming water. From that streaming water, I went to my grandmother's shoulders... Did I pass a little bit? While taking the way to home, I harvested from every branch my blackberry foods also, I collected from the pomegranate trees that fruits that I really looked to it amazingly. Also, I harvested nuts without being ripened.

Those are the reasons for my grandmother's hands to change into orange in its color . I cannot forget that. Homes made from mud are found there. I used to make pastries and to dry them in the sun. I used to ride my bike and to hang out in the whole village. Evenwhile, I used to find my friend in a park.My grandmother had made a hammock in our garden. While watching the stars in night , I used to sleep along that hammock. My grandmother used to insist on me to go to my bed as she had told me that the wolves would eat me. Eventhough, I didn't use to listen to her words. It wasn't like the city as the stars were so different in the village that it was so marvellous and shining in the darkness.

There was a herd of dogs but in between them, there was a dog that was so large than all of other dogs in the whole herd. It was called "Saddam" as I remember. The other dogs were so offensive. Everyone used to get scared of them like that hero dogs that were in films.

By the way, If you try to take photos of the cows in our village , they will give a pose in the photo. Even those cows will get closer to each other in the photo to fit in it that they squeeze hardly so their heads get knocked on each other. For example in that photo, don't you think that those cows gave a stunning pose?

In addition to that, it looks like a chocolate milk shake. Here that's a photo from the fields in our village so storks even swing and fly here. That's a photo from my grandmother's garden. I had gotten surprised to the Pomegrenates. . That is the entry of my grandmother's garden. I really like that photo a lot.

That's the bridge of our village. Below it, there is streaming water. One day, we went fishing there.. By mistake, my cousin held a large sea turtle. Ofcourse we left it but that animal's soul got hurt once. There's a bench so that we can sit near the trees of water.

While passing the bridge, in its right way there are my grandfather's cafe , Grocer's and a park where funfairs and shows are held there. Really it's so funny. Normally, if it really looked like there are few people in the village, but in the funfairs and shows the place becomes crowded. Large swings are found there. That's a thing that is rarely found in other parks. Moreover, whenever I enter there I feel in myself that I am flying in the sky like a bird. Of course, whenever the weather becomes suitable, we give a kick to our swings.

Flying in the horizon and getting a little bit afraid is so enjoyable, Whenever it becomes so risky. Here is a photo of my grandmother's home. I used to spend a lot of time there. That pink home that you can see,wasn't found there in the past. In the right way , there's a large Dam but it doesn't appear. When i passed its other way, I used to draw its photo. In the left way, a large house is found. I had gotten so afraid of that house.

İpkaiye 3
When you enter it, you will find people with narrow eyes that look like Koreans. We used to play Solitaire there. Below us, there was a beautiful woman that sits with a man.. So sincere and friendly people.. The girl that we used to play Solitaire with her was that couple's daughter. I had known them since my childhood.

That's the second bridge. So sweet isn't it? Also my grandmother's found a pumpkin in a shape of a flower. It looks like a camomile

That's the third weasel as I guess. The first and the second weasles died and the third one came out. All of it was in a yellowish white color. Only as I wasn't able to admire other weasles as the first weasel. When I was young, I used to play with it a bit. When I say that I will give a pat. It allows me to give a pat. They say that cats are unthankful but I didn't belive in that. It was so lovable and it didn't use to scratch us.

Thats's our small village. And my memories were like that. Thanks for reading. We are waiting for your comments.

Kocaeli  in TURKEY

Emre Yıldırım Kişisel Blog Thursday, July 14, 2016
Blog of Worldwide Crystal Children

Days of August are getting finished, currently. Mornings are getting shortened. Nights, relat vely,  have become more longer. Seasons, Nights and Mornings are like chasing each other. And that made me run after them, since my childhood. The shortening of days and passing of seasons always interest me. In life, human body and even its thoughts also get affected by this change.  Does Summer ever get mixed with winter? 

During the Winter, I want to read more and write more. So for about Summer, my walkings accompany my thoughts longer. My soul eases. Generally, nothing is turning on my mind , especially during my sleep in night. In my poems, I compare my thoughts to a plain lowland without termimals nor corners. There are cool wind, cavities and flatness. 

Anyways, in that quiteness, classic & TSM* music always continue. Sometimes, I tell, that to myself " Mustafa, in that beautiful Summer days, I will let my life always be like Summer season. Look, cool wind is leaving blur touches. So, There is no need to mess up beautiful days for the bad ones" . In Every season, those thoughts differ. 

They say that if you stay in a deserted island by yourself, What would be the things that you will take with you? I would have said that I Will take my pen, paper and my blog with me. From now on, my  blog and myself got together. We established a connection between us. Especially,  when Summer days reach an end, I get more needy to my blog as well as my language nowadays. 

Blog of worldwide crystal children

I mean that the bloggers always write about very precious personal things. They are the children of worldwide crystal blog. The world is getting more complicated. When people get involved in materialistic things, they kill themselves. When the world is inside the persons' diameterof thoughts and the inrealistic world get turning in their minds, the imaginations of blog writers get stronger. Instead of thinking about matter, they share more inner thoughts, feeling and status that they learn from their lives. The other blogs that I follow seem like they aren't coming from that world. Those Bloggers are away from the whole complex world. They seem like they are living in other seperate world. They write about the real face of life.

Crystal Children   
While leaving the battles, they turn to talking about love language. The worldwide crystal children are going with the careful criticising thoughts that wash up their stereo types. I mean that they are in the blog world that will make their descent era starts. Yes, I am not over about that. There are lots of Bloggers that their level of knowledge for learning how to love life is very high. Also, they have potential energy that brings peoples' preciousness and their interior thoughts to an excellent civilization. 

For boasting our technology,  we defend our developped way of life. Not only that... But also when technology becomes more and more in progress, it gets the racy of humanity to a lower level. Here blog of worldwide crystal children with every stream and post would make peopleget closer with their souls…

* TSM (Turkish Atr Music - Türk Sanat Müziği)

M. Sönmez ©
Istanbul, Turkey

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